Whether it’s between nations or mind and body, integration seems to be a key factor in health. Using this DVD, produced by a physical therapist, in a few short minutes I was able to integrate a bilateral movement I had been working on for years with no success. This information is a perfect complement for anyone seeking mind-body integration by increasing hemispheric balance in the brain.

Rahasya Poe – Lotus Guide Magazine

Tone, you are amazing. I can see now what you were talking about. I had no clue my brain was so dis-integrated (and I am a yogi, a dancer, ice skater and an artist). Thank you for your creativity and genius. Wow, I feel honored to know you. Blessings, good luck, keep creating, it is awesome.

Tatyana Chechuga

IMPECCABILITY begins with a single act that has to be DELIBERATE, PRECISE and SUSTAINED. If that act is repeated long enough one acquires a sense of UNBENDING INTENT which can be applied to ANYTHING else. If that is accomplished the road is clear. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes his full potential!

Don Juan Matus