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You know that great energetic feeling you get after a long run? Runner’s High: your brain feels fresh, awake and very clear allowing your cerebral thought processes to work the way they were intended – fluid and unmuddled.

Win Wenger states in his book “How to Increase Your Intelligence'” that “only those brain cells which are open to an ample capillary blood supply are thoroughly developed. Away from such source of supply, brain cells remained undeveloped and useless. In short you can much improve the physical state of your entire brain [by increasing its active blood flow].” Plain and simple, a better nourished brain functions better.

“The brain operates 7% faster and 14% more accurate while inverted.”

You can work on improving brain function in many ways including exercise and meditation, and our favorite: inversions. Peter Russell notes in “The Brain Book that “the brain operates 7% faster and 14% more accurate while inverted.”
Not only is inversion a great practice to clear your head, it is also a great “flush” for the rest of the body. Inversion Therapy helps accelerate the cleansing of blood and lymph fluids, improves skin tone, improves circulation to scalp improving hair growth, decongests abdominal organs, relieves varicose veins and may improve vision.

Bill decompressing his neck and spine in inversion on the Omni Swing with our Trapeze System.
Bill decompressing his neck and spine in inversion on the Omni Swing with our Trapeze System.

Inversion is a great practice for all ages. Take for example, in the last developmental stages in the womb, a baby is inverted and this gravitational pull in turn forces oxygen and nourishment laden blood into the brain to accelerate development by the time of birth. Cool right?

Do be forewarned, inversions may not be suitable for everyone. There are pre-existing health conditions that should be of concern if you´re interested in taking bringing your head right side down. If you´re wondering if you should be concerned, you should check in with your physician first.

Take note of the different levels and types of inversion:

Basic inversions bring the lower body above the level of the heart at a very small angle, about 10-35°. Intermediate inversions bring the body between 35-75° and advanced inversions will bring the body to complete vertical 90°. All are beneficial, the state of your physical body as well as the purpose determines what level of inversion to incorporate.

"Inversion in suspension is the best"

Basic inversion at about 35°
Basic inversion at about 35°

There are also different types of inversion: supported, preparatory, free standing, suspended. We like to say that inversion practiced on the floor is a good inversion, inversion where you hang from the weak ankle joint or put all the pressure on your head (without having worked up the strength in the supporting muscles first) is a bad inversion and any inversion in suspension is a better inversion. *Ahem* the best. 

In conclusion, inversion is pro-longevity, makes you smarter and is for all stages of life. Like we said, we believe the best way to practice inversion therapy, true spinal decompression, lumbar and pelvic traction, is with the Omni Gym.

HANG in there …. and keep inverting for your life!

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