“We must be STILL and STILL MOVING…” — T.S Eliot


It is not the intention of this program to compete with the countless exercise and yoga videos that promote strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, etc. For the most effective way to achieve these particular goals, please see Intuitive Yoga: The Original Method (page coming soon). Though these are also some of the direct benefits of doing Rhythm Therapy and Movement Medicine, they are strictly secondary to the primary goals and purpose – which is for the express purpose of ACTIVATING MILLIONS of BRAIN CELLS & NEURONAL PATHWAYS, BALANCING the R/L HEMISPHERES of the Brain, achieving a QUIET MIND, WHOLE-BRAIN LEARNING, total SENSORI-MOTOR MASTERY, and MEDITATION through Movement – plus any of the following practical benefits:

  • To instantly disengage the internal dialogue in order to achieve a quiet mind or inner silence ‚the primary pre-requisite to shifting into alternative modes of perception or heightened states of awareness. That is, the ability to experience or interpret sensory data without the use of the usual influence, interventions or interpretations of the rational or thinking mind
  • Strengthen the powers of concentration, discipline, will, intent and conscious attention (as opposed to the usual UN-conscious attention we function with in everyday life). Conscious attention is not simply total concentration, but it is distinguishable as having the awareness of an objective observer, what is known as ‘witness consciousness’ in yoga, mindfulness in Zen and the ‘second attention’ of Shamanism.
  • Promote physical and mental states of well-being
  • Cultivate, store and re-distribute ENERGY in the body
  • Restore balance to the autonomic nervous system, helping us break the habits ‘hurry-worry’ and always being in the stress response (‘fight or flight’ – making it a novel and fun way to accomplish STRESS & DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT
  • ACTIVATES millions of the countless brain cells that lie IN-active or dormant
  • to facilitate consciousness and heightened awareness
  • to repattern & reprogram our neuro-muscular system by creating new sensori-motor pathways & revamping the older inefficient ones that are causing musculo-skeletal dysfunction, pain and inefficiency of movement
  • Enhance and regain our sensori-motor control, balance and coordination by using our kinesthetic senses to their limits – then going beyond that limit.
  • Rhythm Therapy is an ideal and rapid track system for facilitating WHOLE BRAIN learning & functioning by balancing and integrating: (a) the right with the left hemispheres of the brain, and the linear and logical with the intuitive and psychic functions of the mind, (b) the frontal lobes (focus and concentration), (c) the newer brain functions (cerebral cortex and abstract thought) with the instinctive functions of the old brain (midbrain and brainstem).
  • Rhythm Therapy and Muscle Brain Integration is also the ideal preventative and remedial measure for clumsiness, poor balance & coordination, dyslexia, Attention Deficit Syndromes, poor memory, mental decline and other learning disabilities and physical developmental challenges in both children and adults
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As the basic level patterns are mastered, one proceeds to more advanced levels of exercises by adding other dimensions of difficulty to the exercises to ensure the sensori-motor system is always fully engaged, and the internal dialogue dis-engaged. Forcing both brain and body (sensori-motor system) to retain full cognizance and control of the unique movements simultaneously allows one to achieve a state of inner silence more easily and quickly than in sitting or still meditation (especially for Westerners). The TOTAL ATTENTION required in order to perform such an activity forces the brain into a mandatory state of non-thinking and the body into a state of corporal perception where the usual thinking process has no place or function! Meditative states of balanced awareness occur spontaneously when the mind is made clear and the body energized.

The IMMEDIATE EFFECTS and the RAPID RESULTS of performing Rhythm Therapy and Movement Medicine speaks for itself, as you shall see (or feel). The effectiveness of the movements is not measured by the time spent or the sheer number of repetitions, but by the feeling created. On a practical level, as with any true meditation, the aim is to carry any feeling of silent balanced awareness, mental clarity, energy, joy, relaxation or state of well being achieved during Rhythm Therapy into all our everyday activities.


Partially learned in the dream state – a place where much of the humanity’s guidance and advancement in knowledge has revealed itself – Rhythm Therapy is a specialized form of Movement Meditation, a modern application of ancient technologies along the lines of Sufi Dervish dancing, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Shamanism. Rhythm Therapy is a unique art and science of performing specific patterns of rhythmic whole-body movements with precision, and grace, and done with the specific intent to engage ones total attention sufficiently to shut out all outside distractions and allow one to focus ones attention within.

Such focused and conscious attention on the movements, rhythm and breath serves to curtail the usual thinking process (ie: the internal dialogue), offsetting the restrictions and limitations imposed by language, verbalization and conceptualized thinking. One can thereby attain sufficient inner silence, stillness and relaxation to achieve all the DIRECT BENEFITS of MEDITATION (as listed below), as well as the added benefits of whole-brain learning, sensori-motor re-patterning and neuro-muscular reeducation. These added benefits cannot be accomplished via still or sitting meditation, only through intricate rhythmic patterns done with precision and awareness in movement.

Muscle Brain Testimonials
Left Brain or Right Brain?
left brain or right brain


Is the doll spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise???

Is she bouncing on her right leg or her left leg???

Are you absolutely sure? If so, keep looking!

If she spins right & bounces on left leg you are left brain dominant.

If she spins left & bounces on right leg you are right brain dominant.

If she SWITCHES legs or directions more than once, seek psychiatric help immediately!! Better yet! Just balance your brain through Rhythm Therapy & Muscle-Brain Integration and save$$$! .

It’s FUNNER, QUICKER, CHEAPER and far more EFFECTIVE! Shrinks shrink … Muscle Brain EXPANDS!

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