Yoga Aerial L-Sit Aerial Swing

Using gravity to your advantage, exercise on the Omni Gym system tones, balances, stretches, and strengthens ALL muscle groups – emphasizing the core – and maintains blood flow without putting undue stress on the joints.

Guaranteed to revolutionize the way you see health and fitness. Let your fitness take flight, join the movement.

Dare to defy gravity and fly towards health & fitness with the revolutionary, not to mention 100% portable, total Omni Gym. This Incredibly versatile multi-functional device is not only for back care and inversion therapy but also total body stretch and strengthening, weightless fitness, and anti-gravity yoga & meditation. It is also incredible in the use of lumbar pelvic traction, spinal adjustments, self-treatment of neck & back pain, stress management … and of course … FUNNNN!

Inversion & Decompression

Spinal decompression and spinal traction, by way of inversion therapy on the Omni Swing, are some of the best forms of prevention and self-treatment of neck and back pain available. Inversion therapy is the therapeutic science of raising the body above the level of the heart, reversing blood flow and countering the effect gravity has on the body. By decompressing the spine, muscle tension and back pain are relieved, resulting in the capacity to improve flexibility and range of motion through strengthening exercises exclusively facilitated by the use of the Omni Gymsystem. Additionally, blood reversal supports all major body systems and facilitates the rejuvenating blood flow through major organs and the brain.

Yoga Inversion Shoulder Stand Aerial Swing

Sets up and breaks down in under 10 minutes! Move your practice from the living room to the back yard in a snap. Hang your swing anywhere from a hotel door frame to a tree branch at the park.

Self Treatment

In the comfort of your home, explore the infinite variety of stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the entire body. Treat back and neck pain and strengthen your weak areas.

Fully Customizable

You decide what you want to include in your set-up: Rock-It Stand, Ab Straps, Trapeze System, etc.

It’s Fun!

Fun and functional, Omni Gym makes it easy to realize your health potential kick pain to the curb. It’s so easy that children love using it too. Enjoy at any age.


Our patented cushioned swing is designed to decompress your spine in a safe and enjoyable way, releasing stress and alleviating chronic muscle tension.

Pain Relief

Experience instant pain relief through pelvic traction, spinal decompression, and inversion therapy. Immediate and long-lasting effects for better mood and more energy.

Featured Omni Gym Products

Omni Swing Pro

$ 275.00

Soothe your back pain through spinal decompression or stretch to your hearts content with aerial yoga. The Omni Swing Pro features a padded sling and foot stirrups for comfort and durability.

Omni Swing Pro + Spring Trapeze

$ 444.00

Enjoy everything people love with the padded Omni Swing Pro, plus get a Spring Trapeze to add a gentle bounce and 360 degrees of spin to your inversion therapy or suspension training.

Omni Gym Complete, includes Omni Stand, Omni Swing Pro, and Trapeze.

Omni Gym Complete

$ 969.00

Everything you need to get started. The perfect package includes: Stand, Swing, and Spring Trapeze. The Omni Stand assembles in 10 minutes and you’re ready to go.

More Swings at Omni Gym

Swings, Stands, Trapeze, & More...

Designed by Physical Therapist, Anthony Cardenas, they are the highest quality swing on the market. See Omni Gym’s full selection of swings, suspension stand, and accessories at:

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