Omni Gym

$ 795.00

Everything you need to get started. The perfect package includes: Stand, Swing, and Spring Trapeze. The Omni Stand assembles in 10 minutes and you’re ready to go.



Omni Gym

This bundled package includes the Omni Swing Pro + Spring Trapeze and Omni Stand!


Omni Stand Includes:

  • Stand Pieces: Contains 22 total. Uses interlocking snap-lock segments for easy assembly/disassembly, travel and storage.
  • Base Poles- Contains six interlocking snap-lock segments for easy assembly/disassembly, travel and storage.
  • Vertical Poles- Contains nine interlocking snap-lock segments for easy assembly/disassembly, travel and storage.
  • Triplex-  Contains one tripod top piece that connects into the vertical poles.
  • Connector Tee- Contains three. Connects base to vertical poles.
  • Handlebars- Contains three snap in handlebars with hand grips for extra stretching and crunch maneuvers.
  • O-rings- Contains nine o-rings built into the vertical poles at different heights. May use to hang extra Omni Handles.
  • Dimensions- 7’5″ diameter circular base; 1.5″ round metal tubing
  • HeightStands are 7’11” Note: your ceiling MUST be at least 1″ taller than your stand’s height for assembly.

Omni Swing Pro Includes:

  • Short handles –  Two 12″ long handles. Made for placement adjustability.
  • Long handles –  Two 30″ long handles.
  • Height Adjusting Loops – Integrated loops sewn right into the long handles. For easy height adjustment of sling and short handles.
  • Padded Foot Stirrups –  Double your usability by being able to cushion the feet, knees, thighs, forearms and shoulders no matter how you use your swing.
  • Cushioned Sling – 4ft wide x 8ft long.Cushioned sides for extreme comfort. Central sling seat remains unpadded for compact stowing and travel purposes.
  • Fabric Cinche Sliders – On sling and handles. No uncomfortable plastic sliders that dig into the skin like the copycats.
  • Safety Clip Hooks – For easy setup and height adjustment of sling and handles.
  • Tote Bag – Pack up your swing for easy transport.
  • Fabric – Made of strong yet ultra soft Rayon.

Spring Trapeze Includes:

  • Safety Clip Hooks – Contains seven.
  • Heavy Duty Closed Loop Extension Springs – Contains three. Persons under 135 lbs may choose to unhook the middle spring for a greater bounce.
  • 4-ring Pull-Up Bar – Contains one. With comfort foam hand grips.
  • Fail Safe Swivel Unit – Spin 360 degrees.
  • Booty Cover- Contains one. The perfect cover for a seamless finish.

You Will Also Receive:

  • Electronic Instructions- Detailed instructions about the swing and how to set it up will be emailed after purchase.

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Swing Color

Forest Green, Cobalt Blue, Crimson, Coral, Plum, Onyx Black, Turquoise

Stand Color

Silver, Black


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